The all new V2 Barracuda is here! Dave Kalama has done it yet again, this time he has introduced variants to cater to a variety of riders weight, ability and ocean conditions. Once again don't let the dimensions scare you! This model was developed over 18 months of testing around the world by many different foilers riding a variety of foil brands. The way Dave has distributed the volume makes for a incredibly stable, efficient & performance oriented foil board. The V2 has 13" boxes and are further forward than V1. Still made in the bulletproof, lightweight carbon PVC construction like our other boards.


The range is broken down into sub categories of the following:
( Not all sizes available in Australia)

BARRACUDA XP: Extreme Performance, is not for beginners. The boards in this range are narrow at 16" wide, made for max speed for those big ocean crossings, howling winds and large fast moving swell where you need to ride a small foil that stays with the fast moving bumps. The XP is also a wave hunting machine, being long and narrow the speed it generates through the water allows for early wave catching. The XP is the Ferrari of downwind foil boards.
9'4" x 16" - 114L
8'12" x 16" - 102L (yes 8'12")

BARRACUDA: This range is the largest in the V2 range, coming from the original Barracuda of 3 sizes to 6 in the V2 is broken into 2 sections of lower 8 foot similar to V1 and upper 8 foot that are narrower but not as narrow as XP. The longer narrower boards allow you to ride a much smaller foil to stay with the speed of fast moving water, get on foil quicker for wave riding or flat water starts. The lower 8 foot tends to be more geared toward beginner / intermediate, someone not ready for the narrowness or just prefers dimensions a bit more comfortable for their ability.
8'10" x 18.5" - 113L
8'8" x 18" - 106L
8'6" x 17.5" - 98L
8'2" x 19.5" - 112L
8'0" x 19" - 105L
7'10" x 18.5" - 96L 

BARRACUDA BIG CUDA: Big Cuda speaks for itself, this is a bulked up version enabling more crew to access the downwind bumps. Perfect for the 100kg plus riders or someone new to SUP foil who wants the most efficient yet stable board on the planet.
8'7" x 24" - 130L
8'3 x 21.5" - 115L

BARRACUDA MINI CUDA: The Mini Cuda, is that perfect mid length Foil board, like all Barracuda's they are a "Foil board" you choose how you want to ride it. The Mini Cuda is perfect for winging, surfing and of course downwind. The type of downwind bumps that would suit the Mini Cuda is lakes, bay and river style where the bumps are closer together.
7'6" x 20" - 110L
7'4" x 19" - 100L

BARRACUDA VP: Versatile Performance, currently only one size in this range with the plan to build it out, the VP is a blend of E3 and V1 Barracuda. This model comes with the winging foot strap inserts as its geared more toward wing and SUP surfing. The current one is 25.5" wide making for a fantastic learners board.
7'5" x 25.5" - 110L

Dave Kalama & Dylan Henry quick catch up before the release of the boards: