Kalama Performance is the culmination of decades of innovation in multi-board sport experience and design.

Owner and Designer, Dave Kalama, is a legendary Hawaiian Waterman who is a pioneer in the board riding community.

Dave’s career started as a professional windsurfer in the 80’s and has not stopped. Dave competed at the highest level of windsurfing. Inventing and naming moves and designing equipment that helped shape the sport.

A dedication to the ocean and a lifetime pursuit of squeezing the most out of each day inevitably led to Dave being involved in many board riding and ocean sports.  These include Tow-in big wave charging, Strapped big wave foiling, Kiteboarding, Canoe Paddling, Professional Longboarding and reintroducing and pioneering Stand Up Paddling and Foiling as we know it today.

Dave’s authenticity and dedication to his pursuit of fun and adventure in the ocean is without question. Dave is one of Hawaii’s true Watermen.

The latest chapter in Dave’s career has evolved all the knowledge gained from these watersports into a line of industry leading foil boards, SUP’s, Longboards and Tow boards under his brand Kalama Performance.


Dave is at the front of the foiling evolution that is exploding on the shores of Maui Hawaii. The sport is growing and evolving at a pace that is hard to keep up with.  Dave is constantly designing, shaping, building and then testing shapes and evolving designs in the pursuit of industry first breakthroughs in efficiency and performance. Maui provides the perfect playground and innovative environment to invent, build, and test new designs and concepts.


At Kalama Performance we do not aim to be the biggest…We strive to be the best.

Like windsurfing, surfing, and paddling, foiling is all about the balance between functional equipment that maximizes efficiency, ease of use, and pure enjoyment on the water.

Every Kalama Performance design starts as an idea that has been inspired by years of riding almost every kind of board in almost every kind of condition by one of the industries most respected waterman. The design is brought to life by Dave himself. Dave designs and handshapes each prototype board at his R&D board building factory on Maui. Each board is tested by Dave and a crew of friends and family. Once a concept is proven to be better than the last it is then put into production and released as the next evolution of a Kalama Performance product. Enjoy 🙂