Collection: E3 WING / SUP

We are excited to be releasing our new line of E3 foil boards. The E3 designs are an evolution of our E2 foil boards but have significant new design features.

The E2 range was designed to maximize stability within the shortest platform possible to accentuate maneuverability and lift off.

The new E3 range is designed to maximize early lift off by increasing the efficiency of the hull. Simply put, this has been achieved by elongating the subsurface footprint and eliminating all horizontal edges that increase drag at sub planning speeds.

The longer and more interesting process to get to this point starts here…After the release of the E2 range Dave went down a rabbit hole of chasing the dream of downwind prone foiling.  No Paddle. No ski. Just the wind, a board, and a foil.

Now we know that this application of foiling is, shall we say, unique and reserved for a small group of board riders who happen to live in areas with suitable conditions (like the north shore of Maui). But stick with us here, just like the landing of man on the moon…the real contribution to society was not the actual landing on the moon but all the technological breakthroughs learnt along the way to get to the moon that have been passed along to us.

And just like the journey to the moon, Dave’s goal of chasing the dream of making downwind prone foil boarding a possibility led him to focus on the efficiency of the board. Many prototypes and humbling sessions on the water have resulted in a new line of boards that have directly benefited from this Journey. Dave learnt what designs and features worked, and more importantly what did not. All this knowledge has been incorporated into the E3 line of foiling boards.